Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Bonus Of Having Any Function In A Wine Growing Area.

The common thread behind every function: Fabulous wines!

Last night was the Spring Concert that our local choir puts on every year. Gosh another year gone at the speed of sound it seems. As usual the concert was well attended and the community was generous. For the second year in a row, they asked me to be at the entrance and help people with their donations. Yes, the concert ticket is a " Freie Spende " or " Give as much as you want ". Just the fact that they asked me to be a volunteer, made me feel part of the community and chuffed to bits.

Fantastic performance of the choir, great community. Afterwards, the choir members had organized a wine & snack table to raise funds. Might I add, that the tables were groaning under the weight of pastries, cakes, Salzstangl, pies and on and on. Of course that was just the snack table. The wine " table " so to speak was another story all together.

Most of the top vintners in our area had given a few bottles / cases as a donation. Oh yes, wine of note was flowing all night. If I tell you the price of a glass, you'll pale in envy. Euro 1,50 per glass. But here comes the best part: the volunteers behind the table were over generous with their pouring.

We are all so used to " Achtl " or 1/8th of a bottle of wine. By the way, those in the know say that 1/8th of a bottle of wine ( an Achtl ) per day is good for you. Well...not too sure if it is 1/8th of a liter bottle or 1/8th of a 750 ml bottle! Last night the volunteers were extremely generous and it looked like 1/4th of a bottle. In fact, a few let us pour the wine ourselves. You can be rest assured that this wine lovers heart hummed in glee...for a few minutes only.

Bob and I didn't communicate well before the event. As I had finished my volunteer duty and was ready to sample this delectable wine smorgasbord, it turned out that I needed to be the designated driver. Drat, Bob had got there before me and had a head start of a glass or two.

I did get to sample a stunning crisp white wine and then my Mum and I shared two glasses of red. Well, she had a bit more than me as she just had to walk 500 meters to reach home. The red was full bodied, smooth, berry flavoured and oh so moreish. Alas not for me.

If you love wine, than any function ( choir, church bazaar, Christmas bazaar, School play, Kindergarten play, Birthdays...) is worth attending. No box wine here and thank Goodness for that....