Sunday, 10 November 2013

Paw Power & Cat-genuity Make An Effective Combination.

A voice by any other name.

As you know by now, both Bob and I would do anything for our feral cat, Tigger. She has made us her slaves and she rules her " cat-dom " with an iron paw. Instead of pet trainers we have become the pet's trainees...

Whether it's the cunning display in the pet isle or whether it's our fear that Tigger will starve without us, we can't seem to stop putting cat delectables into the supermarket trolley. Oh yes, we are just like those people you see in the shops with mainly cat food in their basket. In case you were wondering about that, yes, we do tend to go overboard!

Bob is the main instigator. How could I veto him when he says things like:
" You know it's too cold for Tigger to hunt mice. A little treat here or there won't harm her." and when I do resist, he pulls the bar a rung higher:
" How can you be so heartless. It's just a little cat-treat-stick!" Hook, line and sinker, or as they say in America, a slam dunk.

Tigger is now the recipient of ample milk, milk of the full fat variety only, a sachet of cat stew (!) and now a cupful of dry food also. Oh, and I mustn't forget to mention that treat which looked and smelled like a thin salami. Bob gave it to her and the manufactures must have put something so great tasting in there, as it made Tigger take her training of us a step further.

Late yesterday afternoon, close to but not quite her feeding time, I was sitting here at the kitchen table, with a view of the window. Reading a story online, a sudden knock on the window got my full attention. ' What on earth was that ', shot through my mind. Something furry had thrown itself against the window. After a second the penny dropped.

Tigger had used her " cat-genuity " and elevated herself to the level of the window and I can only presume, by doing a running jump. Well, it seems we haven't overfed her, because it must take some power and a lightness of stature, to jump a meter up the wall. After the first few seconds of fright had passed, I put out my chest with pride. Our darling had alerted us, in her own way, to the fact that she is wants to be fed, and fed now.

In great haste I gathered together all the tidbits that made up her dinner and rushed outside. Only after I saw her smug little face over the feeding trough, did the penny drop for me. Oh darn, I had done that classic move that most parents shouldn't... I had responded to a tantrum!

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The window with the red container outside, is where she jumped up. This particular photo was taken in the summer.
A happy Tigger outside her cat lair...again this was taken in summer.